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best food for neon tetras

Neon Tetras are some very attractive fish no doubt. They are fun to have in your residence merely due to the fact that they look so magnificent. Similar to any kind of various other animal you may have, Neon Tetras require to consume. So, what is the most effective food for Neon Tetras?

What Do Neon Tetras Consume?

The Good News Is, Neon Tetras are rather easy going fish as well as they are not too picky when it concerns consuming either. These individuals are omnivores and will consume primarily anything that will fit into their mouths (this is our leading choice). This does make feeding time rather straightforward as well as simple.

Neon Tetra Diet
In the wild Neon Tetras consume several things. They eat lots of bugs and insect larvae. They such as to consume salt water shrimp, daphnia, blood worms, microscopic pets, and even little fish eggs as well.

Neon Tetras will also consume a range of plant issue, fruits, and also veggies. Now, they might have a difficult time coming over a few of those points in their all-natural environment, yet that is not to say that they would not consume them when provided the chance.

What To Feed Neon Tetras?
Normally talking, micro-pellets (pellets for tiny fish) or fish flakes will do just fine for your Neon Tetra in your home, yet you can also select some online foods as well as freeze dried out choices also.

What Is The Best Food For Neon Tetras?
Let's speak about some of the very best food alternatives for your Neon Tetra. Below is a small listing of choices that you can take into consideration.

TetraMin Tropical Granules

This is a good choice to select no doubt. These are simple little granules, sort of like very small pellets for little fish such as Neon Tetras.

This food is excellent for cozy water exotic fish and also can really be used for an area storage tank. It is also fantastic as Betta fish food. Moreover, this food offers your Neon Tetras with a well-balanced diet, with great deals of vitamin C.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes

This food is extremely comparable to the granules gone over over, other than these are flakes, not granules. The flakes float near the surface, rather than the granules that sink down much quicker.

These exotic flakes are suitable for the majority of omnivorous warm water fish such as Neon Tetras and also Betta fish. This food will supply your Neon Tetras with a well-balanced diet included great deals of healthy protein and also vitamins.

API TROPICAL PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food

These pellets are sinking pellets, which suggests that they do quickly sink to the bottom of the storage tank. This food has every one of the necessary nutrients for a well-balanced diet and a healthy and balanced Neon Tetra.

It even includes some top quality proteins such as squid and also shrimp. This stuff is specifically made to help your fish eat less, digest food far better, and therefore produce less waste for you to clean up.

Omega One Freeze Dried Tubifex

Tubifex are an excellent way to choose any type of fish, particularly Neon Tetras. Tubifex worms are pure healthy protein, so you will have to feed your fish a few other foods to fulfill the Neon Tetras' omnivorous nutritional needs.

However, these freeze dried out worms most definitely create a great periodic treat or unique mealtime. The truth that they are freeze dried out ways that they do not consist of any hazardous bacteria.

Omega One Freeze Dried Blood Worms

These worms are very comparable to the Tubifex worms discussed above. They are freeze dried blood worms that are really high in protein. They are not a complete meal, however they make for a good treat no question.

Once again, the reality that they are freeze dried out methods that they are risk-free to consume for all fish.

How Usually Should You Feed A Neon Tetra?

In the wild, Neon Tetras are scavengers as well as ultimate go-getters, meaning that they will eat whenever they are given the possibility. That being stated, you must not overfeed them.

Your best bet is to feed your Neon Tetras three times per day. Each time, you need to not feed them any more than they can eat in a 2 or 3 min time frame.

Just How To Feed Neon Tetras
right here is a short video on feeding neon tetras the right way;

If you are presenting Neon Tetras to a brand-new storage tank with an existing community of fish, then it's an excellent idea to split the food into 2 parts, put one section in one edge of the container and also the various other portion in the other edge.

Another great option is to just place the food like flakes as an example in the filter discharge so the food obtain's dispersed throughout the container and prevents one of specific fish consuming the share of the food.

As we discussed above, in terms of neon tetra food you can utilize most compatible flakes, pellets and even ice up dried foods as they truly are not as well choosy.

Typically Asked Inquiries

Can Neon Tetras Consume Betta Food?

Yes, usually talking a neon tetra can eat betta fish food no worry. You might not intend to make it a day-to-day occurrence, however every so often will not hurt.

Now it is probably best to feed your neon tetra their neon tetra fish food, but if you have a community aquarium, such as with a betta fish, this might not always occur. Neon tetras are understood for being quite curious as well as they enjoy to consume a variety of foods.

Typically, if you most likely to feed your betta fish their food, neon tetras will consume it. This actually is not a problem since both of these fish have comparable diet regimens, they are both carnivores, and also have similar dietary requirements.

For How Long Can Neon Tetras Go Without Food?
Neon Tetras can live for 5 or 6 days without food. Some may be able to make it for 7 or 8 days without feed, yet this really is risk close.

These fish ought to be fed daily, will certainly end up being ill after 4 or 5 days without food, and also by the time a week is up, they will be absolutely depriving.

Do Neon Tetras Eat Bloodworms?
Yes, neon tetra fish will certainly consume bloodworms. In fact, this is just one of their favorite snacks to eat.

You can provide them with online blood worms if you select, although it's typically best to offer them with the freeze dried out option.

Freeze dried foods, that were as soon as live, must be rid of mostly all germs, parasites, and also other invaders which can cause harm or create illness in your neon tetra.

Simply make certain that you feed your Neon Tetras the correct amount of food which you don't over-feed them. As long as you stick with whatever we have spoken about right here, your Neon Tetras will certainly be as pleased and healthy and balanced as ever before. You may also like our temperature level guide here.

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